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Flotation standards for recreational boats.

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First a note about the reasons behind theflotation standards. Why is all this stuff necessary?

The below video is running in flash. If you find it distracting turn off the sound. I am still working on a way to allow you the user to start or stop it.

Capacity and Flotation Part 1

Watch a Power Point Presentation on Flotation. (5.3 MB You must have Microsoft Power Point to view this.)

Another excellent Power Point Presentation on flotation is at;
This is from Richard Akers at Ship Motion Associates and was presented at IBEX in 2004.

Select from the following list:

Level Flotation : Mono-hulled boats under 20 feet in length, with outboards greater than 2 HP.

Modified Level Flotation : Mono-hulled boats under 20 feet in length, with 2 HP or less, or manually propelled.

Basic Flotation : Mono-hull inboard motorboats under 20 feet in length.

Flotation Testing


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