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Links to sites about Everything Boat Building - including Global links in other languages.
Links and Books For Kids

Education: Basic Electricity

Basic Electricity

US Navy Basic Electricity Course

IATSE Basic Electricity

ATT Basic Electricity Test

The Electricity Forum: Basic Electricity

Miller training Systems: Basic Electricity

A comprehensive guide to welding resources/

National Museum of American History.

Understanding Electricity Basics

BoatSafe Basic Electricity

Save on Energy: How Electricity Works:

Univ Of Alaska SE

Glossary Of Electrical Terms

An Animated Guide to the Science of Batteries

Associations, Societies,  Regulations, Standards

US Coast Guard Regulations For Recreational Boats : 33 CFR 183.401 to 460 and here: Boat Builders Handbook

USA Standards for Commercial Small Passenger Vessels   46 CFR Subchapter T Part 183 Electrical Installations: Passenger Vessels under 100 Gross Tons

American Boat and Yacht Council ABYC has standards for Electrical Systems on boats.
E-11 Electrical Systems AC and DC, is the main one that is used for planning and installing electrical systems on boats. The current version must be purchased from ABYC.
Outdated versions of E-11 July 2008 (pdf)

ISO: International Standards  The ISO standards for recreational boats. Current Versions must be purchased from ISO. The Electrical Standards are:
10133 Low Voltage DC 
13297 AC systems 

Canadian Office of Boating Safety Regulations Canadian Standards for boats. The Electrical Standards are found in:
TP 1332 construction Standards For Small Vessels

National Marine Electronics Association has developed a widely used standard for installation of electronic equipment on boats, in particular equipment that can communication with each other, e.g. computers, GPS, radars, radios, depth sounders, etc. See NMEA 2000

Car And Deep Cycle Battery FAQ 2011 By far the most comprehensive, authoritative and extensive website on batteries,  Essentially everything you ever would want to know about batteries.

HOT DOCKS: Current leaks in Marinas AKA Electric Shock Drowning.

Hot Docks by Kevin Ritz

Electric Shock Drowning BOAT/US Resource Center

Corrosion in Marinas  David Pascoe on Yacht

Electric Shock Drowning Prevention Association

Metal Corrosion on Boats

Corrosion and Protection Center UK

Corrosion Prevention on Metal Boats Kasten Marine Design

Corrosion Tables Sandvik Materials Technology

corrosion on wikipedia

Yacht Corrosion Wiki


To Bond Or Not to Bond:

Types of Marine Corrosion: Don Casey BoatUS.

Electro Guard

Corrosion, Zincs And Bonding: Michael kasten

Corrosion Reference Electrodes And User Guides

Corrosion of Marine Wiring

Marine Wiring Corrosion

Metal Fastener Corrosion on Wood Boats

Fasteners for Exposed Wood Structures Why wood rots around metal fasteners.

Corrosion Of Metal In Wood Products. Relevant to boats.

USCG NAVIC 7-95 Guidance on Inspection Repair and Maintenance of Wooden Hulls   Chapter 4 page (4-1) has an excellent discussion of corrosion on wood boats.(This is a downloadable PDF file.)

Fastener Corrosion: Sea Magazine Hold-It-Together

Lightning Protection

The Science Of Lightning Protection

Non technical Article on lightning protection

Information Grounding Guide.htm

Technical Lightning Grounding Information

A New Concept for Lightning Protection of Boats A collection of articles on lightning protection

Michael Kasten on Lightning Protection

NASD on Lightning

lectrical Systems and Batteries

All About Marine Wire Terminations: Proper Crimping

Ancor Products: Electrical products for boats

Balmar DC Charging Systems

Blue Sea Systems

Blue Sea Systems Technical Articles

Boating Safety Scheme: Electrical Systems. UK

BoatUS On Electrical Systems on Boats

BoatUS Don Casey Cable Size and Connectors

Boston Whaler Forum on Electrical By Continuous Wave

Canal Junction Boat Electrical (UK)

Car and Deep Cycle Battery FAQ, Battery Manufacturers and Brand Names List
and Battery References and Information

Comparing Wet Cell, AGM & Gel Cell by Von Wentzel Pg 1 

Comparing Wet Cell, AGM & Gel Cell by Von Wentzel Pg 2

Batteries And Charging  Northern Arizona Wind and Sun

Deep Cycle Vs Starter Battery  By How Stuff Works .Com

Educypedia Electrical-Electronics The Educational Encyclopedia.

Electric and Marine Hybrid Technology International solely dedicated to electric and hybrid marine technologies

Electrical References Book References

Exploding Batteries and Boats  Yachting Monthly; How Batteries can explode.

Galvanic Isolators   By BoatUS Seaworthy Magazine

Gell Cell Batteries Tech Manual  By MK Battery

West marine on How to Size Battery Banks

Marinco: Wire Technical Data Charts

Marine Electrical Checklist  Inspecting Marine Electrical Sys.

Marine Electronics and Marine Electrics. By John Payne

Northern Lights/Lugger Marine Generators

Northern Lights Marine Generator Toubleshooting Guide

Outback Power  Systems  Inverters chargers controllers panels

OK Bayou Electrical Forum for Boats

Other Power on Storage Batteries

Peter Kennedy Yacht Services. Info on electrical

Polar Power Inc Photovoltaic Systems (Solar Power)

Renewable Energy System on your RV or Boat

AMProbe Test and Measurement Tools

Smart Guage (technical Info)

SmartPlug Systems LLC

US Navy Basic Electricity Course

Victron Energy: Electrical Systems

Xantrex Marine Power Electrical Equipment

Yandina Electrical Equipment, manuals, Schematics. 

More Battery Info

AGM Battery Tech Manual  By Zimmerman Marine

Battery Council International (BCI)

Battcon International International Conference on Batteries

Battery Reference Links (everything about batteries) By Bill Darden

Battery Mfg and Brand Names List   By Bill Darden

Battery Mfg in the World  By Source Guides

How stuff works: What is the difference between a normal lead-acid car battery and a deep cycle battery

Sealed Valve Regulated (SVR) Batteries

Interstate Batteries Knowledge Base: Battery terminology and more

Battery University: practical battery knowledge

Battery Tutorial on Battery Stuff . Com

BoatKeeper Getting Started With Marine Batteries

Marine Battery Primer By

Victron Energy Booklet Energy Unlimited

Trojan Batteries

Wikipedia Batteries

Wikipedia Lead Acid Batteries

Wikipedia Gel Cel Batteries

VDC Electronics (battery minder)

LifeLine Batteries

Lithium Batteries

West Marine How To: On Lithium Batteries

Relion: Info on Lithium Batteries

Distributed Power Systems

Yachting Magazine Distributed Power System

Professinal Boatbuilder Magazine

NMMA on NMEA 2000 standard

PANBO Distributed Power

Portable Generators Information

Consumer Product Safety Comm Portable Generator Hazards.

Consumer Product Safety Comm Portable Generators CO

OSHA document on using portable generators safely.

Red Cross  on using portable generators.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

No links yet.

Solar Power Systems

Captain Curran's Sailing Blog: Solar Panels For Boats; An easy Installation Guide

Sierra Solar: Electrical Systems On Boats

Compass Marine: Installing a small marine solar system

Electric and Solar Powered Boats

Solar Power Installation On The Sailboat Groovy

Solar Action Alliance

Solar Panel Recycling 101 by ECO Watch


Books Of Interest To Boat Builders

USCG Compliance Guidelines Published by ABYC
Compliance Guideline Set
Electrical Compliance Guideline

Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual: by Nigel Calder. This is an excellent manual covering many of the systems on boats, everything from electrical to fuel systems, galleys, heads, etc. A must have for maintenance. (See ad to the left)

Powerboater's Guide to Electrical Systems, Second EditionEd Sherman, Published 2000, by Boating Magazine (See ad to the left)

Boatowner's Illustrated Handbook of Wiring:
Charlie Wing, Published 1993 by McGraw Hill

Your Boat's Electrical System: Manual of Electrical and Electronic Projects Conrad Miller, Elbert S. Maloney, Published 1988 by Hearst Marine Books

Sailboat Electrics Simplified, Don Casey, 1999 International Marine(See ad to the left)

Metal Corrosion in Boats 2nd Ed. Nigel Warren
by A & C Black publishers.  1998

Amperes Away!  The Practical Guide to Marine Electrics and Electronics Jack Balmer Lady Meg Publishing, Canada 1997

Owner's Manuals, Maintenance Manuals, Service Bulletins.   Etc

Jamestown Distributors How Tos

Ken Cook Company 

Yamaha Outboard Owners Manuals Online

Yamaha Outboard Manuals

OMC Cobra SternDrive Info

Onan (Cummins) MCCK Generator manuals

Master Tech Marine Mercury Outboard Wiring Diagrams

Mercury Marine Service Bulletins 

Triton Boats Wiring Diagrams PDF:

Yandina Installation Manuals

Westerbeke Corporation Document Library


Electric Boats

The Electric Boat Association (UK)

Sample Wiring diagrams:

USCG Wiring Diagram Inboard IO Runabout pdf

USCG Wiring Diagram Cruiser Low V DC pdf

USCG Wiring Diagram Cruiser AC DC pdf

USCG Wiring Diagram Aux Sailboat pdf

Instrument Wiring pdf

Diagram 4 Harness pdf

How To's

Owen Youngblood on Wiring Your Boat,

eHow wiring a Marine Battery Switch

Steve D'Antonio on Isolation transformers and Galvanic isolators

Marine How to Articles: everything electrical from soup to nuts, and more

Terminals must be used. A page on the Friendship Sloop Society web site explains it well.

Anixer: Wire And Cable technical Information Handbook: Basic electricity to International standards and more

Electrical Systems 101 (from the Catalina 34 Intnl Assoc.)

Marine Electrical Checklist from Robb Marine

Getting Grounded By Ed Sherman (pdf)

Electrical On Board From

Having Safe AC On Board By Ed Sherman (pdf)

Marine How to: Marine Wire Teminations: Mostly about how to get a good crimp.

Wire Sizing Aids Apps Sites

Blue Seas

Blue Seas Circuit Wizard

West Marine wqire sizing

IMTRA on Wiring

Best Boat Wire Voltage Drop Calculator

The Boat Project wire calculator

Dirty Dog Software Wire Sizer

Electrical Equipment and Supplies

This is not an all inclusive list. By doing an internet search on Marine Electric or Boat Electric you can find many more.

Allied Wire And cable (AWC)

Best Boat

Blue Seas Systems

Cable Ties and More

Del City; Marine Grade Wire:

Fisheries Supply



Great Lakes Skipper

Hubbell Marine Electrical Products Marine Electrical Wire Kits

Jamestown Distributors

Marinco Electrical Group

MEP -  Marine Electrical Products


Power Systems Plus

Seattle Marine and Fishing Supply

Sea Tech Marine Grade Products

Tinned Marine Wire

West Marine Electrical Supplies

Battery Manufacturers List There is a much more complete list at Battery FAQ

Crown Battery (Canada)

Canadian Energy (Canada)

East Penn  Manufacturing Co. Inc.(US)

Exide Technologies (US)

Giant Battery Co. (Canada)

Johnson Controls (US)

Interstate Batteries (US)

Rolls Batteries (Canada)

Shield Batteries (UK)

Trojan Battery Company (US)

Vision Rechargeable Products (China)

Battery Sources

Advanced Power Products


Batteries Plus

Battery Mart

Battery Stuff


Centennial Batteries (US)

DC Battery

East Coast Marine Battery

Impact Battery Company

Interstate Batteries

lifeline Batteries

Odyssey Marine Batteries

Optima Batteries

Power Stride

Sears Roebuck

SEP Stored Energy Products

Trojan Battery Company

U. S. Battery

West Marine

WestCo Battery

American Boat And Yacht Council  Boat Design Net  Wooden Boat Foundation

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