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Navigation Lights

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Problems With Navigation Lights

navlt4.jpg (58021 bytes) navlt5.jpg (64264 bytes)

These are called flush mounted lights. Under International and Inland Navigation Rules lights are not allowed to be mounted below the gunwale.  In the lower photo the light is mounted below the gunwale. Neither light can comply with the Navigation Rules for vertical and horizontal sectors.  They are no longer legal under the Inland Navigation Rules.

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Both of these boats could be subject to recall.

navlt7.jpg (49342 bytes)  navlt8.jpg (71801 bytes) 

Both the above lights are obstructed. The upper light is supposed to be visible 360 degrees, yet it is obstructed to the left by the radar dome and forward and aft by superstructure.  It needs to be about 3 feet higher.

The light below is a green sidelight but it is mounted under an over hanging deck that has a canvas fringe hanging down and is also obstructed by superstructure forward of the light.  The boat builder corrected it by moving the light out board on to the side of the over hanging deck.

If you have questions about navigation lights call the Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety 202-372-1076

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