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Start In Gear Protection



Subpart L—Start-in-Gear Protection

Source: CGD 79-137, 46 FR 3515, Jan. 15, 1981, unless otherwise noted.

183.701   Applicability.

This subpart applies to outboard motors and starting controls, and to manufacturers, distributors or dealers installing such equipment.

[USCG-1999-5832, 64 FR 34716, June 29, 1999]

183.705   Definitions.

For the purposes of this subpart:

(a) Outboard motor means a self-contained propulsion system of any horsepower rating designed to be installed on, and removable from the transom of a boat.

(b) Static thrust means the forward or backward thrust developed by an outboard motor and associated propulsion unit while stationary.

(c) Starting control means the motor throttle, shift and starting control mechanisms located at a position remote from the outboard motor.

(d) Local starting means operating a mechanical or electrical starting device built into the outboard motor.

(e) Distributor means any person engaged in the sale and distribution of boats or associated equipment for the purpose of resale.

(f) Dealer means any person who is engaged in the sale and distribution of boats or associated equipment to purchasers who the seller in good faith believes to be purchasing any such boat or associated equipment for purposes other than resale.

183.710   Start-in-gear protection required.

(a) Any outboard motor which is capable of developing a static thrust of 115 pounds or more at any motor operating speed with any propeller or jet attachment recommended for or shipped with the motor by the manufacturer, must be equipped with a device to prevent the motor being started when controls are set so as to attain that thrust level, as follows:

(1) Outboard motors designed for local starting must have a built-in start-in-gear protection device.

(2) Outboard motors designed for remote starting must have either a built-in start-in-gear protection device or be installed with remote starting controls containing this device. An outboard motor designed for remote starting that does not have a built-in start-in-gear protection device must, at the time of sale, have a tag or label attached at the location of the control connection, containing the following information: “Starting controls installed with this motor must comply with USCG requirements for start-in-gear protection in 33 CFR Part 183, Subpart L.” The letters and numbers on the tag or label must be at least 18 inch high.

(b) Starting controls must have a tag or label with the following information to indicate whether or not they have been equipped with a start-in-gear protection device: “This control will (or will not) provide start-in-gear protection meeting USCG requirements of 33 CFR Part 183, Subpart L.” The letters and numbers on the tag or label must be at least 18 inch high.

(c) Any manufacturer, distributor or dealer installing an outboard motor displaying the label described in paragraph (a)(2) of this section must properly match it with a compatible starting control that contains a start-in-gear protection device.

183.715   Exception.

Outboard motors designed to be equipped for remote starting, but which also have a provision for local starting in emergencies, need not comply with 183.710 for their local starting system. However, the following information must be displayed on the motor: “Warning—Ensure shift control is in neutral before starting motor”. This information must be clearly visible to a person using the emergency starting device.