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Disclaimer:   I am not a spokesperson for the US Coast Guard or ABYC. For an official interpretation of regulations or standards you must contact the US Coast Guard or other organization referenced..   More.....

Chart Of US Federal Regulations

For Canadian,

For other imported boats

For European go to
Ike's List
or the Recreational Craft Directive.

US Federal Regulations for boat builders. Start here.

1. Read The Business of Boatbuilding  and  Legal Stuff

2.  USCG Certified?  How do I get my boats certified?

3. View the USCG video So You Want To Be A Boatbuilder?  at the right.  You can also download it.  It is an .swf file and runs in Adobe Flash Player This file is virus free however, you should run a virus scan when you download files. It is  available in  mov format. This may be copied and distributed free, but not be sold.

Link to the current

(current information for boat manufacturers)


So You Want To be A Boatbuilder?
Courtesy the US Coast Guard

See  the US Coast Guard's Safety Afloat Website

More Boat Building Videos At;

4. Call the U S Coast Guard and request a 
MIC application at
202-372-1052  CWO Kris Franklin
Or E-Mail the US Coast Guard at 
This e-mail address is for MIC applications only
.  Please do not use this e-mail address for general inquiries.

For general inquiries call 202-372-1077

Or write to:

U.S. Coast Guard
Chief, Recreational Boating Product Assurance Branch (CG-BSX-23)
Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety
2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, SE
Washington, DC 20593-7501

5. Look up the Boat Builders Tool Kit and the Boatbuilder's Handbook at

6. Look at the left column of the chart below for the type of boat you are building. Move across to see which regulations apply. Click on Yes to read about the regulation. Click on the pontoon boat, sailboat, inflatable, or canoe for information on this type of boat.

Boat Type HUll
Labels Safe
Flotation Fuel
Ventil-ation Recalls Nav Lights
Manually propelled Yes Yes No for 2 HP or less Yes Yes No No No Yes No
Outboards Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Sterndrive Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inboard Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pontoon Boat Yes Yes if gas I/B No No No Yes if Gas I/B Yes if Gas I/B Yes if Gas I/B Yes Yes
Sailboat Yes Yes if gas
No No No Yes if Gas I/B Yes if Gas I/B Yes if Gas I/B Yes Yes
Canoes Kayaks Yes No No No No No No No Yes No
Inflatables RHIBs Yes Yes if gas
No No No Yes if Gas I/B Yes if Gas I/B Yes if Gas I/B Yes Yes

Regulations Not In the Chart Above:

Imported Boats: See

Start-In-Gear Protection: outboard motors with greater than 115 lb. of thrust. (Over 2 HP = 1.5 KW)

Engine Cut Off Switch/Kill Switch, Less Than 26 Ft, Propulsion Machinery capable of more than 115 lb thrust (approx 3 HP) includes outboards, inboards, sterndrives and jet boats.

EPA - Evaporative Emissions for boat fuel systems

EPA - Exhaust Emissions for Boats.

Boats marked "For Commercial Use Only"

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