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Boating Safety

Links Of Interest: 

Boating and Yacht Safety For All Age Levels  (submitted by Nathan and The Barnes Family

U. S. Coast Guard Boating Safety

U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

U. S. Power Squadron

American Boating Association


Maritime Heritage Network

National Safe Boating Council

Essential Boating on the Web

Foundation for Safe Boating and Marine Information

Wikipedia Glossary of Nautical terms:

Sea Talk Nautical Dictionary

National Weather Service:

Boating Safety Information:

Boating Database For New Boat Owners:

Ultimate List Of Boating Safety Resources:

Pre-Departure and Boat Launch Checklist:

Boater Education:

Anchoring: Choosing an anchor:

Boater's Academy:

Boater Exam:

Boating Laws and Regulations By State

Boating Safety Tips: 12 Boating Safety Tips that might just save your child's life.

Commander Bob's:

Coastal Navigation:

Landfall Navigation:

Beginners Guide to Navigating By The Stars:

National On the Water Standards (education) for Sail and Power

Navigation Rules On Line

Nautical Charts

Sailing Issues:

Woods Insurance: 10 Boating Safety Tips:

Worldwide Boat Knowledge Database (Thanks to Todd Gritzukat Seattle Sailing Club)

Top 5 Reasons for Boating Accidents (thanks to Wesley)

Boat Care and Maintenance:

Winterizing Your Boat: A Simple Step By Step Guide


Transport Canada, Marine Safety

Boat Smart Canada

Safe Boater:  A Canadian boating safety site

International Boating Safety Education

New Zealand

Australia/New Zealand Boating Ed Group:

South Australia Boating Safety Handbook (pdf)

Federation Francaise De Voile

Boating Gear, etc

Globo Surf

Carbon Monoxide Related Problems

Carbon Monoxide Kills

USCG On Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide Warning Pamphlet

Houseboat-Associated Carbon Monoxide Poisonings on Lake Powell --- Arizona and Utah, 2000

Center for Disease Control
Carbon Monoxide Alert

David Pascoe-Yacht

Information On Carbon Monoxide From ABYC.   Look for: TH-22

Carbon Monoxide Information from JMAC; (Thanks to Brenda at Verona Public Library.)

Boating Safety Associations And Societies

American Boat And Yacht Council

Boat Owners Association Of The US (BOATUS)

You Tube videos

Handling your single engine Inboard/Outboard: You Tube

Boating Tips, You Tube:

Docking techniques. You tube:

Getting Help On The Water:

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