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Proposed links must be related to boatbuilding and provide technical information about boatbuilding and/or a forum about boatbuilding. If it is your website I will ask you to provide a link to New Boatbuilders Home Page. You do not have to do this, but I  believe it would benefit both of us.

A Link on Ike's List to a commercial website is NOT an endorsement of that site or it's products! The links are provided only as a service and an information resource.

Ike's List - Everything Boatbuilding
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Favorite Sites That link to

US Coast Guard Boating Safety





THE PLACE to meet old shipmates. We serve all "Coasties", Active, Retired, Reserve, Auxiliary, Veterans, SPARS, our Civilian co-workers and the Friends and Family of Coasties everywhere



Woodenboat Forums


The Mother of All Maritime Links 

John's Nautical & Boatbuilding Page

Johns Nautical Links A lot of good information, links, books, etc. Pages on plywood boat building and more.  ** One of my Favorite's **

Other Sites That link to



About Us.Com


Aluminum Alloy Boats


Answer Bag



Hugh Angelman's Sea Witch

Back Yard Yacht Builders Association


Boat Paradise


Craft A Craft


Chesapeake Light Craft


ebook Networking Net


DIY network


Extreme Forum Real Knowledge Real People


Fram Building and Sailing site


Funny Sports Quotes


Glassics Online


Other Sites That link to


impliedconsent,us    Implied Consent.


Maine Built Boats


master boat builders


my Riviera construction project


PONTOON HOUSEBOAT ODYSSEY http://www.pontoonhouseboatody


P. T. 's BOATS


Sail-Ibiza Boat Charter


Westsail 42 Blog
Building a Sailboat. Documenting the design, modification, and construction of a fiberglass boat: A ketch rigged Westsail 42, from a bare hull, left over from the 1970's


Yahoo Groups River Rats
River Rats


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